We’re more than just coffee

We’re a company with a purpose. We believe in balance – between profit and purpose, between people and planet. We exist to make great coffee, but also to make a difference.

About us

Businesses with a purpose

We help local communities and small farmers trough the professional development, selling and distribution of their specialty coffee, making it part of us and roasting it to high quality standards in Switzerland.

By purchasing one of our products you are directly contributing to these communities and developing projects.

Do you love Fair Trade Coffee?

Our products

ocuituco MORELOS mexico

specialty coffee ,92 pOINTS (SCA Certification)

Our specialty coffee is sourced from small farmers around the world, and every purchase helps support their communities.

We’re proud to be a Fairtrade Company, and we’re always looking for ways to do more.

bellavista chiapas mexico

specialty coffee ,92 pOINTS (SCA Certification)



Bern Switzerland


Zürich Switzerland

“I love Elevato because they have a unique vision, they seek to help real coffee producers, they have an excellent selection of coffee, I love the unique taste of it; every time I can I show it off to my friends. Keep it up Elevato!"

This coffee is amazing, smooth, flavorful and add to that the fact that it is fairtrade, I can't ask for more"

We will take you on a journey from your initial design ideas, to a finished product that may be very close or completely different from where you started.

The time and care we put into each machine produces details large and small. While each detail on its own is impressive, when put together it makes the machine an experience to use, not just to look at, although we are sure it will capture the hearts of all who lay their eyes on it.

Customized machines

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